Experiencing foreign cultures

If you want to get to know more intensively the multi-layered cultures of your travel destination, you should take your time to do so.

The opportunity to travel intensively  is no longer limited to students and senior citizens. Working adults can also travel abroad for several months. e.g. during a sabbatical – whether to do a volunteer job, explore the world extensively or learn new languages.

Getting deeper into the cultures of a host country is both fascinating and exciting. If you live with a host family or in a shared apartment with locals and are able to communicate well with them, you will – depending on the region – quickly feel at home.

But after the initial period of euphoria, a little disillusionment usually sets in. Even in the most distant countries, everyday life comes back – and a certain routine – when staying for a longer period of time in one place. In addition, it becomes apparent that the supposedly similar culture is very different from the one you are used to. During conversations, misunderstandings arise, jokes are misinterpreted, appointments are cancelled at short notice …

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