Planning & brainstorming

To embark on the adventure of traveling for a long time requires not only sufficient financial means and a good portion of courage, but also good preparation. During brainstorming you can think about goals, duration, costs of the trip before you really get started.

Tips for travel preparation

Brainstorming considerations

Destination of the journey
  • Trip around the world
  • Intensive travel in one or more selected countries
  • Language course
  • Volunteer job
  • Get to know new people
  • Other reasons (pursuing a hobby, self-discovery trip etc.)
  • How much time do I have to reach this goal?
  • Have I set myself a realistic timeframe (to plan only two months for a world trip is very tight in terms of deeper experience)?
  • What is also on my priority list, but does not quite fit into my schedule?
  • What could I leave out if necessary?
  • How much money do I have at my disposal at most or per month?
  • Will the finances be sufficient to carry out all the plans?
    • What about the cost of living in the destination countries?
    • What do I value (e.g. good accommodation, airplane instead of bus/train)?
    • Where can I save (e.g. on food)?
    • Can I possibly work in the destination area against payment or board & lodging to supplement my travel budget?
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