Booking low-priced flights

Those who want to book cheap flights should book far in advance and above all compare accurately the prices. The prices can change daily

It is often cheaper to fly „cumbersome“, for example from northeast Brazil via Germany to Mexico instead of directly from Brazil to the North American state. This is not very environmentally friendly, but it makes an enormous difference in your wallet, especially in the high season, i.e.: for carnival or during school holidays.

The fewer flights, the more expensive

Destinations that are not so attractive to business travelers and tourists, are less frequently approached by airlines. This means you have to make a decision quickly, otherwise the flight may already be fully booked – or you may end up on the waiting list. Cheap flights are almost non-existent when less frequented routes are booked late. Many passengers who e.g. fly these routes every year to visit their families, book up to a year in advance …

But there are still bargains

But it is worthwhile to research cheap flights with charter airlines such as Condor & Co. as well as the offers on the websites of the scheduled airlines. There you will often find bargains …

In any case, you should not always rely on just one provider. Even if it has proven itself many times, this does not mean that other websites do not suddenly have more attractive offers. The market is constantly on the move… And there are quite a few flight search portals, such as Skyscanner that were very friendly, helpful and supportive during the Corona crisis.

And a warning at this point: You should check out more carefully the agencies that offer cheap flights. I personally made very bad experiences with the Spanish agency Travelgenio during the Corona crisis. They were not willing to pay refunds for canceled flights to thousands of their clients. They were hardly accessible and often shot down any requests. In many facebook groups and on other platforms (e.g. Travelgenio victims) the fraudulent behavior of Travelgenio was discussed.

Domestic flights

If you want to book domestic flights in your destination country, you should check the airlines on the Internet beforehand to make sure they are safe … It also happens that foreigners have to pay a lot more than locals for the same service. If there are big price differences, it is sometimes helpful to go to the travel agency and ask for the local tariff or cheap flights. Since there is – as in Brazil – officially no „two class society“ in tourism, most travel agency employees will comply with this booking request.

Flight price comparison