Once again: „I’m learning Arabic“, the fourth

The WorldTravelerAfter I could hardly deal with Arabic for more than two years due to lack of time, I now want to continue my studies. However, I need to remotivate myself. Because despite all good intentions, it is quite frustrating to start (almost) all over again.

But how to start? First of all I’ll see if I still have access to my old Arabic lessons at Arabiya.de. It’s nice to know that my account was not closed after so much inactivity. And there have been some changes on the website! In the meantime, besides the interactive Arabic course for beginners and advanced learners, an advanced course is also offered – for all those who have learned Arabic for at least two years and can read and understand Arabic texts. Well, if this isn’t already a nice motivation to plunge back into the language!

But since I always think: „Better safe than sorry“, I have now booked a second Arabic course at NHAD distance learning. It was highly recommended on the website Arabisch-lernen.eu. There one must submit homework, which will be corrected and evaluated. Writing is done in Arabic from the beginning (I have no problems with that at all, because my notebook has an Arabic keyboard. The 15-month beginner and advanced course is designed to be completed within five years. This is very generous!

But since I have already lost a lot of time by loafing around, I now have to hurry up and submit my assignments.

As the saying goes (not only in German): التكرار يعلّم الحمار.
Only practice makes perfect („repetition even teaches a donkey“).